Double Jeu by Billy Kidd – Numero #148


I have been following Billy Kidd’s work for a very long time.

I remember around 5 years ago, just awing at his incredible raw black and white photos of woman without make-up. They looked like something you had never seen before.

What I loved about his work was that he embodied ‘ugly pretty’, the idea that a woman doesn’t have to stick her butt out and pout her lips to be sexy.

Now with his imminent success, he has made a name for himself and I can now have the pleasure of seeing his work in high fashion editorials.

Billy Kidd’s Double Jeu for Numero #148 let’s me know that he is still keeping his aesthetic. We are still seeing something unexpected yet some beautifully strange.

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Billy Kidd’s Double Jeu for Numero #148

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