8 Cakes I Wish I Had The Guts To Bake


AHHH, I wish I had an excuse to bake beautiful cakes all the time! But apparently my friends’ birthdays are for like another few months. Sigh.

So what do I do until then? Just bake a cake every week and eat it by myself?

I don’t get how those food bloggers do it, you know, the ones who only blog about cakes. They always say they have grateful neighbors who help eat it all.

Well, they obviously don’t live in New York City, cause the word ‘neighbor’ here don’t mean diddly squat.



Oh crap, my mouth just started watering, again. It does this every, single timmmeee.

I just see Slim Palate‘s action shot of hot oozing caramel being poured over a cake, it’s bronze glow glistening as it seeps into a pool of yumminess…

Yep, drool is seeping out of my mouth. THIS IS TORTURE.



This is a great starter cake for anyone, that is simple yet looks soooo delicious.

I think the fact that Baked Bree‘s cake is just black and white and isn’t over-the-top makes it such a gem.

And c’mon, chocolate chips all up in my cake? You won me over, baby.


This I am Baker cake is one that you can just oogle at for days and days on end.

I am not sure I even want to eat this. I’ll probably want to preserve it by coating it with varnish or something (cause that will work).

But I will eat it in the end, but more in a vengeful way, cause my hands probably went numb from all the roses (this video makes it look so easy).



This cake from Call Me Cupcake is just too beautiful it makes me want to cry.

But that is the problem with these sneaky food bloggers with their fancy cameras and their handy stash of macarons and dainty little flowers.

You never know if yours will just end up looking like heinous crap.



These sneaky, conniving food bloggers are starting to just be mean, seducing us little common folk with their devilish baked goods.

I am just joking, they really aren’t that bad! (If I see one more shot of someone pouring warm chocolate fudginess on a cake, I will hunt you down!)

Anyways, I’ll take a shot at Souvlaki For the Soul‘s cake. But will it look like his? Probably not.


Mmmm, I don’t know about you but Naturally Ella‘s cake look so deliciously sweet, I can imagine digging my face into it like that kid from Matilda.

This is the kind of cake you wanna dress up in frilly cute clothes and have a picnic in garden of your non-existent palace (kind of like Marie Antoinette).

So let [me] have cake. I am usually not a fan of berry cakes (especially strawberry), but when there is a pairing of lemon and raspberry, that sounds like a whole different treat.



I guess speaking of the famous Matilda seen in the #6, this in all reality would be the cake I would abandon all utensils for (and any hopes of being a lady) just to eat it with my bare hands.

I think the main reason why I don’t have the guts to bake this particular cake is that it looks to decadently rich and sinful that my hips would break out in revolt.

But everyone has a sweet tooth and a moment of indulgence and The Tart Tart‘s cake fits that description.



Another beauty that I might want to experiment with deep-freezing into order to preserve?

This is just a show-stopper cake, where the colors are just too lovely to even imagine possible on a cake. I think I would just try it out just to see if my cake could look that pretty.

Also the blackberry filling sounds oh so tempting. I think just that hint of berry with the vanilla and to top it all off that gorgeous frosting, I think Sweetapolita‘s cake wins the whole list.

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Cake Recipes:
Salted Caramel Drenched Coffee-Double Chocolate Cake And A Celebration by Slim Palate
Chocolate Chip Layer Cake by Baked Bree
Pink Rose Cake by I am Baker
Neapolitan Cake with Macarons by Call Me Cupcake
Nutella Crepe Cake by Souvlaki for the Soul
Lemon Raspberry Cake by Naturally Ella
Brooklyn Blackout Cake by The Tart Tart
Vanilla Blackberry-Mascarpone Cake by Sweetapolita


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